From start to finish, we make sure your dream dress is exactly what you envision.


Whether you choose one of our gowns or choose to make a custom one the process is the same. First... sketches and fabric swatches.


From there, we take measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Once your sketch is finalized, we start working on it right away.

First Fitting

At your first fitting, we start with a mock-up of your dress, made from a cotton muslin. This is to make sure the style and shape looks exactly what you envisioned on yourself. We then will finalize the fabrics and details.

Perfecting the Dress

Throughout the whole process, you will be completely involved and can make changes if desired. With each fitting, you will see your dress become more and more perfect. Finishing the construction off with a zipper or buttons we are then ready for hand placed lace.

Last Fitting

Not all gowns have the hand placed lace but for those that do we start that now. First pining and discussing exactly where you want it nothing will be stitched on without your approval and my professional eye.


Pick up day is the most exciting, as the dress is yours to take!

Learn more about the process through our video!

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