Rachel Elizabeth

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Charitable Donation

I am very proud to say that every single gown that we make, here at Rachel Elizabeth Designs, donates 15% of the wholesale cost to charity! The charitable donation for the current collection, Rememberance, and any current custom designs donates to Susan G. Komen for research into the cure of breast cancer. I have chosen this charity because I not only wanted to choose a charity that empowers women but also because it is very close to my heart. I have had many family members diagnosed with breast cancer and recently my mothers best friend, who has really been like a second mother to me, was also diagnosed. I want to dedicate this collection to them and donate in their honor. These women are some of the strongest women I know and it means a lot that as a company we can stand strong and donate to help others in the fight against breast cancer. Get to know more about Susan G. Komen here or down below!